Creating the Perfect Picnic Setting for Your Family

Summer is the season of fun! Kids are out of school, the days are warmer/longer, vacation time is coming up, and it is the best overall relaxing time period during the year. Summer truly signifies the release from winter’s cold grasp to freedom of rebirth and renewal. It is also the perfect season for family picnics.

Picnics are traditionally held on the weekends (Sunday being the most popular day) and are typically reserved for the lunch/dinner meals. Creating the perfect picnic requires adequate planning and proper preparation. Here are a couple of suggestions to make your picnic transition more smoothly.

The first step in creating the perfect picnic is choosing the menu. The menu should be simplistic and include the main course, minor desert, and also encompass drinks/snacks. The most basic forms of food accompanied into picnics are sandwiches (or other main course dishes), chips (of any form), crackers, soda/water/juice, fruits (typically whatever is in season), and candy. These food groups keep the meal simple with very little preparation time involved.

The next step is selecting the perfect location for your experience. This step is greatly influenced by the personalities (and activity levels) of your family members. If your family likes to hike and camp, then a location where you could hike in and picnic would be best for you. If your family is more passive and into sports; than a park would be a more suitable environment for your family’s picnic. Make sure you pick a location that is both accessible and enjoyable for your family. Also, remember to select the appropriate picnic basket for your location.

The final step is to enjoy your picnic. This is a time to relax and enjoy some time with your family. Make sure you spend adequate time communicating and enjoying one another’s company. After all, isn’t relationship bonding the whole purpose of a picnic?

Article by Jon Exton

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