Summer Picnic Citrus Beverages


Nothing says summer like a nice cold citrus drink. Maybe it’s because the citrus flavors just scream “Summer’s here!” Or perhaps it’s because of the clean and refreshing taste. No matter what the reason, summer and citrus go hand-in-hand with a warm summer night. So sit back and relax with these mouthwatering drinks that feature [...]

Picnic Pasta Dishes

tomato pasta salad

Are your picnic dishes getting sort of routine, even boring? If you and your family like to enjoy picnics often, the menu may start repeating itself, over and over and over. Pasta may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to think of new foods to put in your picnic basket. [...]

Best Food For Picnics


Trying to pick out what would be the best food for picnics would depend on what you consider a picnic. Some people will refer to any type of outdoor meal as a picnic while others only think in terms of hiking off into the woods with a picnic basket. Choosing the best food for picnics [...]

Create Fanciful Salads To Delight Your Picnic Guests


If your salads are becoming boring, you need to re-think the basics and spruce up those greens. Check out these fanciful salads that boost your enthusiasm for eating these healthy sides and enjoy the crunch of some good greens for the picnic months ahead. Robust Salads Are Built On Protein Most salads have the right [...]

Reinvent Your Sandwich On The Inside


It’s picnic time! You reach for your sandwich recipes and realize that you’ve served the same things for as long as you can remember. You have gotten so bored with the classics that not even tweaking them a little is appealing anymore. And, like many sandwich aficionados, you have already run the gamut of bread [...]

Create Memorable Desserts For Your Summer Picnic


So, you’ve been invited to a picnic, and they’ve asked you to bring something for dessert. You don’t want to be ‘conventional,’ so you’re trying to think of a picnic dessert that will knock the socks off the guests. Check out some of these ideas for a culinary contribution you’ll be proud to say is [...]

Tips For Salad Serving And Safety At Your Picnic


A picture perfect picnic typically includes a spread of beautiful, and tasty, salads. The classics include potato salad, bean salad, lettuce salad, and Jello salads. But, how do our favorite salads go from the kitchen to the picnic table with the least amount of trouble, or worry? Let’s take a look at a few tips [...]

Think Beyond The Sandwich For Your Picnic Main Dish


A picnic is in the planning. You pull your picnic basket out of its hiding place, start washing up your plastic utensils, plates, and cups. You throw the checkered tablecloth and napkins in the wash machine and everything is ready. Well, almost ready. What about the food? You can make the same sandwiches you’ve always [...]

Cool Picnic Drinks


There is never a shortage of ideas for cold drinks to bring on a picnic. The reason may be because everyone has at least one favorite refreshing beverage. From fizzy to cool and creamy, there are drinks for every age group at every type of picnic. Let’s take a look at a few choices that [...]

Gussy-Up Your Favorite Summer Side Dishes


If the summer side dishes you’re thinking of this year seem a little mundane, we can help. There are plenty of creative ways to dress up those old favorites in no time, giving you and your guests plenty of tasty new dishes at your next picnic or cookout. Summer Salads and Slaws A great way [...]